The new turn of the Viet struggle

Duong Van Thuong


It is only a matter of months since early 2002 that the Vietnam politics has made a significant turn in the counter-attacks between Viet democratic forces and the Communist Party of Vietnam. The CPV tried any way to hold on to power, while Viet democratic forces manipulated various ways to turn Vietnam into a democratic country. This war has been so tough upon the death of former General Tran Do who had a great role in bringing the CPV to victory in his days of military services as well as in the days he took charge of the Culture and Thoughts Committee and Vice Chairman of the National Assembly. He awakened years ago and led the communist progressive elements in their struggle for the democratization of VN.

– The CPV is facing a serious situation upon its concessions of land/sea to China. The CPV signed two treaties with China: The Vietnam – China Land Boundary Treaty of December 30, 1999 and the Vietnam – China Sea Boundary Treaty of December 25, 2000. The reactions have been massive: Viet overseas and international media published the letter that Premier Pham van Dong sent to Zhou Enlai in 1954 to recognize the sovereignty of China over Paracel and Spratly Islands. Furthermore, the Nam Can (the greatest gang in VN) affair has made the people lose their confidence in the CPV. Previously, the CPV talked to the “peaceful revolution” conducted by the enemies, now they mentioned the self peaceful revolution emerged among the components of Viet people.

– In the meantime, youths and students participated in struggle activities. The prominent cases were those of Le Chi Quang, Pham Hong Son, Nguyen Vu Binh, Nguyen Khac Toan. Head of the Law Department, University of Hanoi agreed to take care of the trial of Le Chi Quang, . The formation of what is called: THE VIETNAM DEMOCRACY GROUP marked the sharp change of the attitude of the defiants against the communist regime. They no longer fear the regime. And this matters.!