Ho Chi Minh – Myths and Masks

We have some comments after thorough studies through bloody histories of communism:

01. Brutal Communists maintain big international organizations occupying half of the world.

02. Insane International Communism is the bloodthirsty colonialism and psychopath imperialism based on inhuman and crazy Marxism. Marxism used illogical class revolution, stupid propaganda  and terrible terrorism to invade other countries by communism. This bloodthirsty invasion theory was very clear when terrible Russia occupied  Europe, brutal Red China ruled Tibet and Mongolia, barbarous Communist China plagued Vietnam and insane Red China expanded illegally 80% of South China Sea.

03. Fanatic Communism is a crazy colonial and  imperial internationalism for terrible Russia and terrorist China, different from nationalism. Russia Communists and China Communists forced other Communist countries to work as slaves for them.

04. Untrustworthy Marxism exploited poor people as the manpower to overthrow current governments and take over all national resources and properties to become very rich dictators  and schizophrenic totalitarians. The poor in Communist countries live like hell.

05. Betrayal Ho Chi Minh was a blind follower of Communist Internationalism. But he used nationalism to cheat other nationalists to follow him.

06. Big liar Communist Party of Vietnam and backstabbing Ho Chi Minh promoted arrogant and deceitful Ho Chi Minh as modest and respectable leader who sacrificed all of his cheating life for people. But actually, he was a moron who has not  finished primary schools yet. He could not afford to attend school of Quoc Hoc. He was a big liar and schizophrenic power abuser. He usurped the name of “Nguyen Ai Quoc” for himself. “Nguyen Ai Quoc” was actually a name for the organization of Vietnamese nationalists in France including Phan Chu Trinh, Nguyen The Truyen, Phan Van Truong, Ta Thu Thau, … They were lawyers and University Graduates. They were excellent writers. They wrote for an independent Vietnam in future. How could the moron like betrayal Nguyen Tat Thanh – Ho Chi Minh write documents with the signature of Nguyen Ai Quoc. Indeed, Ho Chi Minh could not write Frech. What a shame for Communist Party of Vietnam who told a big lie that Ho Chi Minh was Nguyen Ai Quoc!

07. Shameful Nguyen Tat Thanh usurped the name of Nguyen Ai Quoc for himself  to work as a spy and moved to Russia in 1923 to work as a slave dog for the Third International. In 1924, coward Nguyen Tat Thanh moved to disgusted China working for Bododin and changed his name. Backstabbing Nguyen Tat Thanh sold nationalist Phan Boi Chau and other Vietnamese nationalists. Disgusted Nguyen Tat Thanh again usurped the name of Ho Chi Minh and the name of the League for the Independence of Vietnam of nationalist Ho Hoc Lam to attack other nationalist parties.

08. Deceitful Ho Chi Minh begged USA to supply weapons for him in 1945, worked with Japan, contacted French to kill other national parties in 1946. Disgusted Ho Chi Minh signed the treaty to let French come back to Vietnam. Shameful Ho Chi Minh begged USA to help him but USA denied him because USA understood his betrayal and the brutality of Communists.

09. Immoral Ho Chi Minh was a big liar through all his life when dealing with Vietnamese people and the world. Satyr Ho Chi Minh vowed to sacrifice his own private life for revolution of Vietnam. But pervert Ho Chi Minh had sex with a lot of minors and women and he had a lot of children.  Satyr Ho Chi Minh denied to get married officially. Vampire Ho Chi Minh killed minors after sex. Cruel Ho Chi Minh killed his wife Nong Thi Xuan and her relatives because she wanted to marry him officially. Schizophrenic Communist Party of Vietnam promoted sex killer Ho Chi Minh to be a virgin martyr forever to serve Vietnam.

10. Untrustworthy Ho Chi Minh called for unification of people but he mercilessly killed all other political parties and religions including Bui Quang Chieu, Ho Van Nga, Ta Thu Thau, Huynh Phu So ,… with all false prosecutions. Only betrayal Communist Party of Vietnam had the right “to love” Vietnam by their Communist ways. All others who loved Vietnam the other ways will be executed.

11. Unfaithful Ho Chi Minh sold nationalist Phan Boi Chau to French. Traitor Ho Chi Minh donated Spratly Islands and Paracel Islands and a lot of territories of Vietnam to ambitious China. But big liar and big traitor Ho Chi Minh always vowed to be loyal to Vietnam and prosecuted King Bao Dai and President Ngo Dinh Diem working for French and Americans.

12. Big traitor Ho Chi Minh was a faithful slave dog  for crazy Russia and brutal China to oppress Vietnamese people and to suppress the opponents in Land Reform, Industrial and Financial Reform, and Communist Party Reform. They killed a lot of poor people and even people working for Communist Party of Vietnam in all kinds of economical areas and military areas. People had to live like hell under the iron heels of barbarous Communists.

13. Arrogant and selfish Ho Chi Minh and his dogs – Communist Party of Vietnam promoted individualism, worshiped  leaders regardless of their ignorance, satyr and brutality. All things considered, moron Ho Chi Minh did not deserve to be worshiped. He was intentional plagiarist, brutal dictator, pervert satyr, big liar, power abuser, and betrayal spy selling Vietnam to Russia and China. Psychopath Communist Party of Vietnam embalmed his evil and disgusted body in splendid mausoleum only to rob money and manpower from miserable Vietnamese people. Crazy Communist Party of Vietnam promoted arrogant, selfish and ambitious Ho Chi Minh to be a modest, simple and economizing person. Idiot Ho Chi Minh dared to compare him equally to King Hung Vuong and Hero Tran Hung Dao. Schizophrenic Ho Chi Minh disrespected Jesus Christ and Buddha. Moron Ho Chi Minh just less than 60 years old at that time wanted everybody regardless their ages calling him Father of Vietnam as if Vietnam were born by him.

14. Communism worked by using terrorism, brutality, promise offering and deceit. Betrayal Ho Chi Minh sold nationalist Phan Boi Chau to French. Deceitful Ho Chi Minh spying on other political parties to overthrow their powers. Brutal Communist Party of Vietnam was like Mafia gang or terrorist organization. Bloodthirsty Communist Party of Vietnam blackmailed the rich, executed innocent people or executed even other Communists. Ho Chi Minh, Tran Van Giau, Nguyen Van Tran executed other Communists including Ta Thu Thau, Phan Van Hum, Phan Van Chanh, Tran Van Thach, Nguyen Van So, Le Ngoc, Le Van Huong and executed other members of nationalist parties including Bui Quang Chieu, Ho Van Nga, Huynh Phu So.

Barbarous Communists killed nationalist parties in On Nhu Hau massacre, killed innocent people in Quynh Luu massacre, killed farmers and Communists in Land Reform, killed the rich in Industrial and Financial Reform, killed other Communists in Communist Party Reform, killed innocent people in Hue massacre in 1968, and in Quang Tri massacre in 1972.

15. Brutal dictator Ho Chi Minh left a terrible Communist regime which was nondemocratic, exploited people, and corrupted. Vietnam was damaged very badly due to Communism in all areas. Vietnam was donated to ambitious Red China.

Bloodthirsty Ho Chi Minh and Communist Party of Vietnam were the most wanted criminals to be prosecuted and executed on the future judgement day.